In 2013 I moved away to Dallas with no family or friends. I was alone and needed a way to make new friends. Thankfully, I found a pole studio near me and the fire was ignited.

I found a new home with women and men that encouraged and supported me both in and outside of the studio. Not to mention I was getting a killer workout in! I've never been a gym person so this different type of workout was perfect for me. Pole challenged me physically and gave me an outlet to make friends, relieve stress and express through movement.

I started instructing pole classes in 2014 and found my true passion - empowering others through pole dance. In March 2018 I took my passion a step further and opened Shine Fitness Studio.

I believe that every person has a light within, you just have to let it SHINE.



A friend asked me back in 2006 if I wanted to take a pole dancing class with her. I was already an active person taking kick boxing and yoga classes and laughed at the thought of stripper dancing for exercise. Yes, I was that person. Five years later, pole was slowly making its way through the internet. Luckily the universe brought this art to my attention again. A Facebook friend posted a video of Jenyne Butterfly and I fell in love immediately. This is what they were doing?!!

My pole journey was a little slow to start due to all the studios being so far away. I would literally spot playgrounds with poles to train on between the few classes I took.

Pole has a way of changing your perspective on your body, your way of expressing yourself and embracing sexy! I am so grateful I discovered it and all of you amazing women and men. My journey has taken me to win several competitions and become a USPDF Professional.

Pole is my full time passion.



After seeing a YouTube video of a pole dancer doing acrobatic and strength tricks, I knew I had to give pole a try. I took my first class in 2014 and haven't stopped since.

Pole has changed my body and mind. Pole is a great outlet for all of my is never boring!

It is always challenging and there are endless movements to learn. Through pole I have gained confidence, strength and so many friends.



I knew how important exercise was but I was in need of a workout regimen that wouldn't bore me. One day in 2013 while perusing on Amazon, I decided I wanted to buy my own pole to practice at home. I knew I needed guidance so I decided to try a pole dancing class. I immediately became hooked!

I started connecting with a lot of other pole dancers on social media and quickly realized pole dancing isn't just about twirling around a pole. It's a very physical sport and offers many rewarding benefits.

Since I began pole dancing, not only have I gained muscle, strength, and flexibility I never thought was possible, but I have also gained tons of confidence and an outlet for stress relief.

As an instructor, I am here to train but most importantly empower and motivate, other women to give this alternative form of workout a try while tapping into our sensuality.